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Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA]

Established: January, 1958 an ARRL Affiliated Club since 1961

"Whiskey 8 Quack Quack Quack"

Meets at: James P. Capitan Center, Lower Level; 149 E. Corunna Ave.; Corunna, MI 48817 Monthly: 2nd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM

Club station located in the James P. Capitan Center - Lower Level.
IARU: 2 Grid Square EN72wx   Latitude: 42.9819 N   Longitude: -84.1164 W   Alitude: 760 ft.

Contact us at:   SARA / W8QQQ <Email>

You're invited to a club meeting!  7:00 PM the 2nd Tuesday of each month in Corunna, MI.


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SARA Events Schedule

Our local group participates in a number of public service events & club operating activities. Please feel free to stop in to an event and visit, participate and/or operate with us.

The Events are listed by month. We welcome all visitors to these events, so come on out!

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A R R L logo

ARRL International DX Contest -- [Two Weekends]

The third full weekend of February is for CW {February 15-16, 2020} ~ the first full weekend of March is for SSB {March 7-8, 2020}.

Contest rules are available at ARRL contests {external} ~ you will always need a current set to work from. A printed rules copy at the operating position is highly reccommended.


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APRIL, 2020

Michigan QSO Party Contest -- [April 18-19, 2020] ~ Sponsored by Mad River Radio Club

See Michigan QSO Party site for details.

Contest is to work as many Michigan counties as possible. We put forth a 'club effort' to operate at central location, but do accept member entries from their home stations (a group contest). Come to one of our club meetings for further details. Contact use if you would like to participate! We can use non-members assistance.

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MAY, 2020

Weather Alert Awareness

30 May 2020 at Meijers, Corunna from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Weather Alert Awareness group will be programing weather radios for the public. In conjunction with WJRT (TV), the Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association will be programing weather radios for any local person or group. More details will be available soon. SARA members can sign up with Phil Bates, EC {see SARA Officer list}.

JUNE, 2020

Curwood Days

Curwood Festival Logo

A local three day event will fun for all held in downtown Owosso. They sometimes have the Railroad Steam Engine #1225 - running on special trip excursions. Check them out: Michigan Steam Railroad Institute Home of the 'Polar Express' Engine #1225. Note: The excursions ALL sell out very early - plan accordingly.

See the event's page for information: A Local Owosso Event, June 4~7, 2020 {external}


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2020 ARRL Field Day

Field Day ~ June 27-28, 2020 SARA / W8QQQ

IMPORTANT NOTE: ~ Insure you get the correct weekend {fourth full weekend} and note that the VE session (1) for June is at the Field Day site! (on Saturday) We had multiple people have the wrong weekend (they were a week late) and some who showed at the EOC location testing on the 'fourth Thursday' for testing having missed the FD site. [We will update logo when 2020 becomes available]

The 'radio objective' is to work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. Field Day is simulated emergency conditions and is open to all amateurs in the areas covered by the ARRL/RAC Field Organizations and countries within IARU Region 2. 'Abnormal situations and less than optimal conditions' means using emergency power and portable antenna installations, like what might be needed to support any emergency operations. Here is a copy of 2019 FD Flier by ARRL, for a little more detail.

Contest rules are available after March at ARRL contests {external} ~ you will need a current set to work from if you plan to operate on your own. Look for us on the air, we always need more points.

SARA / W8QQQ will be at the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds! We would greatly enjoy you joining us for the event ~ we are open to ALL (Hams and non-Hams). Click link above for the official FD information and rules. On the ARRL site, search for 'Field Day Locator' and enter W8QQQ in the search box for detailed location information.

We are planning a 'GOTA' station and are in need of both 'non-ham' and licensed hams operators. 'GOTA' stands for "Get On the Air" and encourages people to participate as a 'guest" at our site or if licensed to operate the station. We would like to schedule a two hour time slot for anyone interested in operating our GOTA station. An operator needs to contact 20 stations for us to maximize score additions to our contest scoring and we thing that it can be done in a two hour window. Please contact us at: W8QQQ <Email> {use Topic: FD 2019} or call [810] 599-0729 for further details and scheduling your operation!

We will be at the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds at 2900 E. Hibbard Rd., Corunna. We encourage visitors to 'stop-in' to see us in action. If you wish, we can put you on the air! Usually we have free coffee, so come out and check our operation and enjoy our hospitality. We use an operational 'mesh computer network' which links all of our operating positions. We usually have three to five stations setup and use a common networked logging system. {A "logging system" stores information on the stations as we talk with them. Talking to the same station (repeat contact) has limitations on what can be included for scoring points, thus it is important to have all stations use 'current data' for all logging and score checking.}

VE Testing will start with paperwork at 3:30 PM and testing at 4:00 PM... pass the test and we will put you on-the-air. See VE Testing Schedule for lots of detail.

Stop by for a visit! Latitude (N): 42.9525 & Longitude (W): 84.1111   Our Maidenhead Grid Square: EN72ww


If you can not get to us and still wish to find a Field Day location see: Field Day Locator at ARRL. Almost any club FD site would love to have you visit/operate!

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SARA Actions from Past Field Day Events

2019 ~ FD W8QQQ

SARA 2019 FD Setup

The tent, EOC Communications Trailer (for SARA's use) & New EOC Communications van viewed from west of the setup. Antennas are in the view. The location is the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds on Hibbard Rd. south of Corunna. We operated 4A, adding a digital station from efforts of Dennis Phillips. We had a visitor, WA8LMF, setup a portable station (not FD) from the trunk of his car. His station was just North of the club's 'ops tent', WA8LMF is Steve Smith from Okemos. We are reviewing video from Steve's drone and will add some shots from that in the near future (we hope).

Also, special thanks to Dennis Phillips, KC8ETW for the BBQ Vension and Deserts and Kevin Middleton for the Sunday breakfast. Also, all others who contributed to food and snacks and generator gasoline. As usual, Kevin Middleton, K8MID, was blamed for most of the antenna efforts (area for better prep improvement). As always, he did a great job!

[Click Image(s) for Larger View]


SARA 2019 FD Teardown Group

We had about twenty (20) people total at the site this year. There were several club members present who did not operate and many local visitors - just curious for a view of the operation. The following operators are listed: Kevin Middleton, K8MID; Dennis Phillips, KC8ETW; Phil Bates, AC8FW; Don Warner, WB8GUS; Tom Carpenter, AI8AS; Dennis Shubitowski, NS8H; and William Shubitowski (no call). (I may have missed some - working on it). The teardown crew picture next to the tent is left to right: Tom Carpenter,KI8AS; Dennis Phillips, KC8ETW; William Shubitowski (son of NS8H), Kevin Middleton, K8MID; Don Goetscky, KD8MGU; and Phil Bates, AC8FW. Not pictured Don Warner, WB8GUS - camera guy and Dennis Shubitowsli.

The weather was great all weekend long. Perhaps a little cold about 3:00 ~ 5:30 AM as we are getting older we are spoiled and expect 70 degrees for highs and lows. We had one new EXTRA Class from our 2019 VE session (from Bay City). Equipment (including network) and antennas all performed well. The food was great! The company was well received and great fun was the final result (20 people on site is a high number for recent efforts). Band conditions were not the best, praying for the sunspots. Event was ruled a success and club members really enjoyed the time. We are reviewing and will add some improvement for 2020.


2018 ~ FD W8QQQ

SARA 2018 FD Operations Tent

Operations tent setup: Dennis Phillips,KC8ETW, and Kevin Middleton, K8MID, working on the 'doorway'. This 'tent' is almost 50 feet long! (read as huge to setup and teardown). we operated 3A 2018 with three stations in the tent.

As always we had a great time at Field Day and we hold our June FD VE testing session at the fairground site!

2017 ~ FD W8QQQ

A photo from 2017 FD and shows some of the SARA Operators gathered in for a photo on the nice Saturday afternoon. Our VE testing passed one candidate. We had four visitors to the site. Results were not real good, about 200 contacts from the two station in operation, but the fun was really outstanding. Thanks to all SARA members who came out and visited, worked and operated. Looking forward to 2018 and another great time. Also, special thanks to Kevin, K8MID for the brats and sausages. Hoping for sunspots soon.

p>SARA 2017 FD Crew

{left to right} Dennis Phillips, KC8ETW; Phil Bates, AC8FW; Kevin Middelton, K8MID; William "Larry" Scott, KC8GTR; Tom Carpenter, KI8AS; Dennis Shubitowski, NS8H; & Don Warner, WB8GUS.

Other SARA members at the 2017 site ~ not in picture: Mike Rothe, AB8VS; Bob Wilcox, W8OMS; Doug Williams, W8NDW; Bill Blick, W8EB; & Don Goetschy, WD8MGU.

Some operated and some just visited ~ all had a good time. Check the photos: All Hams love to eat and our Field Day Operation is not an exception to that rule.


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NOVEMBER, 2020/h3>

A R R L logo ARRL November Sweep Steakes

November Sweepstakes -- [Two Weekends]

CW Weekend is November 7th ~ 9th, 2020

Phone Weekend is November 21st ~ 23rd, 2020

Contest Period is 2100 UTC Saturday and runs thru 0259 UTC Monday.

Contest rules are available at ARRL contests {external} ~ you will need a current set to work from.

Now you need 83 sections for a "Clean Sweep"! Here is the ARRL Section List {external}. There are 71 US sections and 12 Canadian sections ~ working them all oduring the contest period is called a 'clean sweep'. It a highly desired status... Good Luck.

Make sure your logging program has all the sections for proper scoring! If using a paper log, you are indeed a brave person.

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SARA Dinner with Spouses / Guests ~ 2nd Tuesday in December

Christmas 2019 Group

Details - the restaurant is Roma's, Owosso (usually), meet at 6:00 PM; drawings at 6:15 and dinner at 6:30 PM.

Reservation is required, RSVP by 12/1 to Don, WB8GUS ~ call [810] 599-0729 (or text), or email: wb8gus (at) We welcome visitors that may wish to come along. Those not RSVPing may sit in a corner... you do not want to be on that side of Santa's list. The picture was from the 2018 Dinner.

The dinner meeting is well attended by club members and guests. The last few years we have had 'door prizes', based on a random drawing of members present. Plan is to draw at 6:15 PM ('SHARP' and must be present to win).

Roma's Backdoor (Owosso ~ near the theaters) seems to currently work great for the venue. We start about 6:00 PM with greetings (drinks) and dinner following at 6:30 PM.

Dennis Phillips, KC8ETW, continues his efforts on the door prize committee (from January, 2019 - committee of 1). His past performance indicates we will have some great prizes! He does a "great job"!

Those attending have a good time and the conversation is active around the table. 73's to all and hoping we see you at the next event. Oh, and a Merry Christmas to all!


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