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Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA]

Established: January, 1958 an ARRL Affiliated Club since 1961

"Whiskey 8 Quack Quack Quack"

Meets at: James P. Capitan Center, Lower Level; 149 E. Corunna Ave.; Corunna, MI 48817 Monthly: 2nd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM

Club station located in the James P. Capitan Center - Lower Level.
IARU: 2 Grid Square EN72wx   Latitude: 42.9819 N   Longitude: -84.1164 W   Alitude: 760 ft.

Contact us at:   SARA / W8QQQ <Email>

You're invited to a club meeting!  7:00 PM the 2nd Tuesday of each month in Corunna, MI.

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Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA]

The Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association is a non-profit amateur radio organization in central Michigan. Past club minutes are linked in the tables below. Our club is dedicated to public service, emergency communications, and the advancement of amateur radio through education and technical excellence. We are an ARRL Afilliated club and have a club station [callsign W8QQQ]. Members are allowed to operate the station on a scheduled basis. We operate Field Day in June at the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds, Hibbard Rd. east of State Rd., Corunna, and love to have guests come and participate. Monthly club meetings (pre COVID) are at James P. Capitan Center, Lower Level; 149 E. Corunna Ave.; Corunna, MI 48817. COVID times call for using 'Zoom Meeting'. See our "Meetings" link for details.

SARA invites anyone with an interest in amateur radio or public service to come to a meeting and/or join our club. Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM (check meeting schedule link as we sometimes do not meet on a particular month). Dues are $15.00 a year. Newly licensed hams get one year of membership for free. You may join our group at any of the monthly meetings or by contacting our Treasurer (see 'Officers' link). We assist with the 'ARES & Skywarn meetings' - usually held at 6:00 PM on odd numbered months, SARA meeting nights. These are scheduled by the county Emergency Coordinator.

You can email us at: W8QQQ at {replace the "at" with the @ symbol}

See our SARA MEETING SCHEDULE ~ Click here.

SARA's Operating rules: SARA's Constitution and Bylaws

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Meeting Minutes Listed by Year ~ Month

Links are "in-active" if no minutes available. Link label may suggest differently, but that is the way it works!  

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