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There is a large amount of data available on the web concerning the RPi. The SARA local content will not significantly add to the information sources already available. The attempt here will be to capture (in a single place) the appropriate links to the most significant information, so that you can come here and easily find the current information by topic. Hopefully this will prove a quicker path to the information versus sorting through the mass of information provided by general web search services.

We are requesting your feedback on the direction we are heading {positive or negative}, so please drop us an email. Also, if you have additional links for our consideration pass them along. We try to keep 'current' and strive to keep the site up-to-date, but we need your help in sorting out the old and posting the new. Some information gets stale and needs to be removed and new content needs to be added. This is much more difficult then it sounds. Please let us know what you use and think of our approach. Use the "Web Site Contact" email link to easily contact us. It is at the bottom of each web page.

As always on the W8QQQ / SARA site, hover over a link and a pop-up will inform you if the link is 'Internal' {SARA page} or 'External' {somebody else's page}. This assists in a safer web presense.


The learning path for RPi can appear confusing when beginning. What computer experience do you have? Linux backgrounds? Electronics Experimenting Experience? What 'project' are you attempting? Each persons knowledge level will be different and will be constantly changing as they progress along with the RPi. So how to best present the information is a large issue. In the beginning, we will assume you have very limited knowledge and information will be at a basic starting level. As we add knowledge, the topics will expand on knowledge needed to proceed and assumes you have been through the preceding information. The process assumes a path through the knowledge base, thus if you have trouble understanding a topic look back at the earlier information and check the references for needed information.

Steps will generally proceed along the following order. Please feel free to skip ahead if you already have a grasp of the information at a particular point. You can always come back to a point, if you find you are missing some detail. Hoping you enjoy the efforts here and have a happy time exploring. Topics listed are as much "thought provoking" as "data supplying".

  • Key Information Repositories (Sites).
  • What to buy? A listing of hardware and software is useful for your records.
  • SD card and system interconnecting?
  • Initial Boot Process.
  • Looking around the RPi and Linux environment.
  • Useful Linux Commands.
  • Check list of RPi things to know.
  • SSH and X term. {See MagPi Issue 53, p 42/43 to start SSH. Or search uTube for many videos like: RPi SSH uTube example}
  • WIFI / Ehternet.
  • USB / HDD Mounting.
  • Printer Hookup.
  • TNC Pi.

Heavily Used RPi / Linux Web Sites

The knowledge we have is very heavily dependent on information from several sites. The authors for those sites deserve credit for the information they have provided. For convenience the following list can be used as a great reference list (with links) of where data can be found.

  1. Raspberry Pi Foundation ~ Non-profit organization Raspberry Pi Foundation (Lead Organization) ~ Where it all starts
  2. eLinux - Tutorials, Linux Information, RPi Information, etc. (search their site)
  3. Adafruit ~ Retailer of RPi Hardware (Has good information in tutorials and posts).
  4. Linux Information "Adafruit" ~ A tutorial on Linux Linux Tutorial from Adafruit.
  5. Penguin Tutor ~ Linux Tutorial.
  6. GNU Core Utilities - GNU Core Utility Commands
  7. Wikipedia - No Link, just go to www.wikipedia.com and search 'Raspberry Pi'.
  8. You-Tube Tutorials RPi ~ Try the 'Related Channels' on the right side of that page.


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