SARA Club Information:

VE Testing {for Amateur Radio Licenses} ~ NOTE: Our Newest Location! Watch the dates, as well.

Next Testing April 26, 2018

Testing Sessions ~ ARRL Team in Corunna {LINK} ~ Testing is on the fourth Thursday on even numbered months at Corunna's James P. Capitan Center, 149 E. Corunna Ave., Corunna, MI 48817, (lower level)except June, which is at the Field Day site (Shiawassee Fair Grounds).

The Testing Coordinator for our ARRL testing is: Tom Carpenter, AI8AS, whose email is: ki8as (at) (replace 'at' with @) or Phone: (h)[517] 802-1259 or (c)[989] 472-4208. [See SARA Club/Testing Sessions above for complete details.]


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SARA's Detailed Information:

Club's Local Events & Interests:

  • Local Events ~ Events & Operating Contest Dates  ~ Listing of activities the club supports.
  • Hamfest & SWAPS List ~ Hamfests / SWAPS / Trunk Sales {Electronic Flea Market Listings}.

Owosso VHF/UHF Repeaters:

The repeaters are not club owned or operated but are used by many members who do assist with the repeater operations. Get "On-The-Air" then stop by and say hello.

  • Analog - N8DVH ~ 147.020 MHz +offset (100 Hz) C4 Fusion & Analog/ 442.400 +offset (100 Hz) Analog Only

    This page also has some D-Star and C4FM Fusion Information and is the SARA page for 'voice repeater' information in the local area. It has some details about the N8DVH repeater.

  • DStar - W8SHI ~ 145.240 MHz -offset / 444.30 MHz +offset

    This link is direct to an 'External Page' for the Owosso D-Star Repeater [W8SHI] website.

Web Links:

Volcano Sensor Video

"To the Heart of the Earth" video on volcano sensing network as discussed by Dennis Phillips, KC8ETW, at SARA Club meeting(s). Brief view of setting up Geological Sensors (4 minutes).

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