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Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA]

"Whiskey 8 Quack Quack Quack"    ~    Established: January, 1958 an ARRL Affiliated Club since 1961
IARU: 2 Grid Square EN72wx   Latitude: 42.9819 N   Longitude: -84.1164 W   Alitude: 760 ft.

Meets at: James P. Capitan Center, Lower Level; 149 E. Corunna Ave.; Corunna, MI 48817 Monthly: 2nd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM

You're invited to a SARA club meeting!  7:00 PM the 2nd Tuesday of each month in Corunna, MI.

Contact us at:   SARA / W8QQQ <Email>

    Page Last Updated: 17-Apr-2021

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Quick Information:

SARA Meetings Details

SARA Calendar from the W8SHI site.

Details: VE Testing.

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SARA Club Items

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Download SARA's Excel Files:


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ARES Repeater Usage / Skywarn

The W8DVH Owosso repeater is used for Skywarn in the local area. Every Moday at 7:00 PM (local time) a 'Skywarn Net' meets on the 147.020 (100 Hz) MHz analog system. Please make sure you listen a moment before using the repeater. Also, other areas use this C4 repeater system for reflector 24 system usage.

Non-Specific Local Repeater Information

NOTE: The Owosso Repeaters have had digital voice capabilities since June, 2016. Some have internet gateway connection capabilities ~ Get on and say "Hey World - welcome to the Owosso area !"

There is an 'analog'/C4 Fusion digital system [N8DVH] and a D-Star [W8SHI] system in the Owosso area. Both are 'open' repeaters - so visitors are welcome.

N8DVH/W8SHI 2M (144 MHz) and 70cm (440 MHz FM) ~ Owosso Repeater Information

Owosso area analog voice repeaters (N8DVH/W8SHI) operate on 2 meters and 440 MHz. The Owosso Area repeaters operate:

  • 147.020 Mhz plus offset - Owosso (N8DVH) (100.0 PL tone required). C4FM/WIRES-X Gateway
  • 442.400 MHz plus offset - Owosso (N8DVH) (100.0 PL tone required)

    Both of these frequencies now operate with new Yeasu DR-1 C4FM/FM Digital repeater units (see below).

  • 145.240 MHz minus offset - Owosso (W8SHI) D-Star (Gateway)
  • 444.300 MHz plus offset - Owosso (W8SHI) D-Star

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Al Langdon, N8DVH, is the repeater owner and is responsible for installation, maintenance, and operation of the local repeater network (N8DVH). The N8DVH Repeater System (Yaesu - C4FM Fusion & WIRES-X) uses a 100 hz (PL) tone on the repeaters and the system is open to any properly licensed amateur radio operator. The local Ham Community owes a 'huge' "Thank You!" to Al for his many years of support in the supplying and operation of the local repeater system.

Al also maintains W8SHI, the D-Star repeater for the Shiawassee county area. Al owns the equipment that supports the system. The repeater hardware box is owned by the Emergency Management, District 1, Michigan Section. That system has it's own web page... home page.

The 2 meter Fusion unit [N8DVH] is operating on 147.020 MHz +0.600 MHz offset. The Yaesu repeater (C4FM) is operating at 20 watts, with an internet gateway and has WIRES-X capabilty (installed June, 2016). The duplexer is a TX RX Systems 28-27-02A. The feedline on the system is Andrew's heliax. All antennas are Diamond and mounted on the towere at 80 feet, making it about 96 feet to the top of the antenna.

The UHF unit operates on 442.400 MHz +5.0 MHz offset and has Yaesu (C4FM) repeater running 20 watts (installed June, 2016). The duplexer is a TX RX Systems 28-66-02A-2. The feedline on this system is Andrew's heliax as well. Again, the antenna is a Diamond and mounted at the 80 foot level on the tower.

HINT: For C4FM / WIRES-X search the Yaesu WIRES-X Node List to find your local active WIRES-X nodes. Use your browser search page function to locate the node ID and DTMF ID for your local city/system.

N8DVH/R1 WIRES-X uses N8DVH-RPT and DTMF 18453 for the 147.02 MHZ (+0.600 MHz) gateway system.

See the Yaesu WIRES-X site for further information: Yaesu WIRES-X home site.

Some additional WIRES local information is:

 Call Sign Node Room ID 
 N8DVH/R1  18453  28453 
 AB8VS 30551  40551 

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W8SHI Web Site

The W8SHI D-Star Repeater System (Icom) has its own Website at W8SHI Home , check it out for more detailed information. W8SHI is a "Gateway System", thus allowing you to talk to the world through equipped D-Star digital repeaters. The W8SHI Module C Repeater (145.240 MHz) is usually linked to Reflector 24 Module C, except for when the net meets on Mondays, when it is linked to module A. The Module B Repeater (444.300 MHz) is currently linked to Reflector 24 B which is being used by the Indiana D-Star group. Users such as mobile stations traveling through the area may unlink a repeater if it is not in use and relink it to another reflector of their choice. When the repeater is unlinked it will be automatically re-linked to the original reflector modules after a short time.

Al Langdon, N8DVH, would like to thank the following list for their continued support of the Owosso Repeaters.

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Other Repeaters in the Local Area

A nice map site (available by state) for repeaters is at Repeater Maps by state. You will need to select the search criteria for what you are looking for.

Check the Michigan Area Repeater Council for the Shiawassee County data at:, select the county of interest

Other amateur repeaters currently used in the local area:

   NOTE: Bancroft, Byron, Durand & Owosso have systems in Shiawassee County. Note from N8IES (7/10/2017): 145.290 is now combination analog/P25. We used the 33cm feedline and standoff for the new dmr repeater - so there is no 33cm p25 at this time (2018). 442.625 (N8IES) is back up.

The Flint-Genesee County web site for some additional information: Michigan Amateur Radio Emergency Team (MSCG / MARET)

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Offset Frequencies

Ham Radio Repeater Common Channel Spacings and Offsets

Until you become accustomed to using repeaters on all the different ham radio bands, this table may assist you in using the right offsets and channel spacings commonly used. Many radios have the standard options preprogrammed, but you need to be aware of what yours should be and act accordingly.

BandOutput Freq. {MHz}Offset Frequency Output to Input
6 meters 51.62 – 51.98
52.50 – 52.98
53.50 – 53.98
– 500 kHz
– 500 kHz
– 500 kHz
2 meters
(a mix of 20 kHz and 15 kHz channel spacing) 
145.20 – 145.50
146.61 – 146.97
147.00 – 147.39
– 600 kHz
– 600 kHz
+ 600 kHz
222 MHz or 1-1/4 meters 223.85 – 224.98 – 1.6 MHz
440 MHz or 70 cm
(local options determine whether inputs
are above or below outputs)
442 – 445
(California repeaters start at 440 MHz)
447 – 450
+ 5 MHz

– 5 MHz
1296 MHz or 23 cm 1282 – 1288
1290 – 1294
– 12 MHz

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YAESU DR-1 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater Information

   Below topic information is COPYRIGHT©2003-2016 Yaesu USA

DR-1 Features

   * System Fusion is not compatible with the D-STAR GMSK digital format.

User Friendly Set-Up

The large front panel, color touch-screen permits convenient configuration of the transmitter and receiver frequencies, transmit power output and AMS functions. When the settings are complete the display can be switched off to prevent accidental operation. Simply turn the display switch ON and use the touch panel screen to confirm or change settings. The transmit and receive frequencies, CTCSS tones, squelch, AMS, and other functions are configured by the touch panel screen

Touch Panel Operation

Enjoy the ease of using the DR-1X 3.5-inch Full Color Touch Panel Operation:

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Other Features

DR-1 Supplied Accessories

DR-1 Options

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DR-1 Specifications



   Above information COPYRIGHT©2003-2016 Yaesu USA

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Digital Information Links (C4FM ~ WIRES-X)

Additional Digital Mode Information: Digital Mode Amateur Radio Club

Vertex Standard Digital Modes Guide: Vertex Standard's Digital Modes Guide

C4FM / WIRES-X Active Nodes: Yaesu WIRES-X Node List

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D-Star (digital) Gateway & D-Star Information

The Michigan ARES D-Star Net is held at 8 PM every Monday on Reflector 24 Module A (The Michigan Reflector). The Indiana D-STAR Net is held at 7:30 PM first and third Thursdays of month on Reflector 24 Module B. The Central Ohio Net is held each Sunday at 8 PM on Reflector 38A. Please check out the W8SHI page for more complete information.

Some D-Star Related Sites:

You may get a 'Expired Security Certificate' error when trying to load some of the above, just add an 'Exception' and they should display in your browser.

Additional Information and Equipment for D-Star:

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D-Star Michigan Repeaters (Aug. 2019)

CALLSIGNCity, State2m70cm23cm23cm DD
W8MKG Muskegon, MI   145.36000MHz -0.600 444.01250MHz +5.000
WI0OK Traverse City, MI 145.36000MHz -0.600
WX8GRR  Grand Rapids, MI   147.29000MHz +0.600   442.55000MHz +5.000   1284.50000MHz -12.000   1298.50000MHz 
K8LCD Hell, MI 147.21000MHz +0.600 444.06250MHz +5.000 1294.48000MHz -20.000 1254.48000MHz
W8LIV Howell, MI 145.32000MHz -0.600 444.03750MHz +5.000
REF024 Owosso, MI
W8SHI Owosso, MI 145.24000MHz -0.600 444.30000MHz +5.000
K8ETN Charlotte, MI 145.20000MHz -0.600 443.43750MHz +5.000
NM8ES Elmira, MI 145.32000MHz -0.600 444.11250MHz +5.000
KD8IEK Ithaca, MI 147.15000MHz +0.600 443.13750MHz +5.000
W8CCE Stutsmanville, MI 443.37500MHz +5.000
W8LRC Lowell, MI 443.11250MHz +5.000
K8DXA Auburn Hills, MI 145.13000MHz -0.600 444.26250MHz +5.000
WX8GRN Greenville, MI 444.65000MHz +5.000
KD8QCC Gaylord, MI 444.03750MHz +5.000
K8ARC Port Huron, MI 146.69000MHz -0.600
W8MAI St. Joseph, MI 442.27500MHz +5.000
KD8OXV Traverse City, MI 443.31250MHz +5.000
W8DF Battle Creek, MI 146.79000MHz -0.600 442.76250MHz +5.000
W8DTW Westland, MI 145.17000MHz -0.600 444.72500MHz +5.000 1284.40000MHz -20.000 1298.40000MHz
N8RTS Garden City, MI 442.12500MHz +5.000
KE8GVB Niles, MI 145.14000MHz -0.600 442.82500MHz +5.000
W8VY Paw Paw, MI 145.34000MHz -0.600 444.07500MHz +5.000
KD8JGF Coldwater, MI 442.96250MHz +5.000
KD8IEI St. Johns, MI 145.44000MHz -0.600 442.93750MHz +5.000

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D-Star Reflectors (Aug. 2019)

ReflectorCity, State ReflectorCity, State
REF001  REF035 Federal Way, WA
REF002 NE REF037 Orlando, FL
REF004 US REF046 Orlando, FL
REF009 AZ REF048 Bossier City, LA
REF010 US REF050 Boston, MA
REF012 CA REF053 Minneapolis, MN
REF014 NV REF054 Charlotte, NC
REF019 WI REF055 Albuquerque, NM
REF020 NJ REF056 Richmond, KY
REF024 Owosso, MI REF058 Auburn, AL
REF025 Washington, DC   REF062 Hunt Valley, MD
REF029 UT REF066 Elk City, OK
REF030 Lawrenceville, GA   REF067 Memphis, TN
REF073 LA ARES   Bossier City, LA

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Michigan Repeater Council

The Michigan Repeater Council coordinates repeaters in the state of Michigan. Their repeater directory site for entire state of Michigan is at: Michigan Repeater Council Directory

The Owosso Repeaters are Coordinated through the Michigan Repeater Council.

The Michigan Area Repeater Council has a SE Michigan [MARC's] Quadrant Repeater Directory lists repeaters in just the SE corner of Michigan.

You can also try the Repeater Book for an online index of repeaters and information (not affilliated with MARC).

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Long Tone Zero [LiTZ]

A procedure to use a DTMF 'long tone zero' {5 seconds} at begining of a transmission and then asking for needed assistance. This is 'NOT' a CQ or ragchew procedure just when someone needs assistance from a fellow amateur radio operator. It is a Touch-Tone based all-call priority alerting system to be used on 'any channel' for requesting mutual assistance. Use LiTZ only when your normal voice calls go unanswered or people responding can not help you.

For further information refer to QST (Oct 1992, page 82; Nov 1992, pages 108-110; Dec 1995, pages 25-31) [information and decoders].

Wilderness Protocol

A suggestion for those outside normal repeater ranges should monitor standard simplex channels {primary is 146.52 MHz} for priority traffic. The protocol suggests stations should monitor primary and secondary frequencies, if possible, every three hours starting at 7:00 AM local time for a 5 minute period ~ 7:00 AM; 10:00 AM; 1:00 PM; 4:00 PM; repeating till 10:00 PM. If possible monitor every hour at the top of the hour. Secondary frequencies to consider: 52.525 MHz; 223.5 MHz; 446.0 MHz; & 1294.5 MHz. Use the Long Tone Zero protocal forr assistance needed calls. Hold CQ and normal transmissions until four minutes after the hour start. Refer to QST (Feb 94; page 100; Apr 1994; page 109; May 1994, pages 103-104) for further information.

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